Identity Agents

A secure, easy to use and flexible digital identity system

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Identity Agents

Identity Agents

A secure, easy to use and flexible digital identity system

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Identity agents is a new approach to digital identity developed by Netriver Systems. Identity agent's advantages include being easier to use and usable in more circumstances. Key to how Identity Agents work is that the requester must provide identity information, so unlike other solutions you know who you are giving your identity information to. This can be online, on the phone or in person.

Personal digital identity

Identity Agents are ideal for providing identity data for personal information. Uniquely, you can prove who you are on the phone or in person. Because of the way the identity system works, you won't be giving your identity data to an unknown person, they will need to prove to you who they are. This is all handled by your Identity Agent, which is an online service acting as your representative.

Identity for corporations

Identity Agents can provide corporate digital identity, which can then be used to identify your staff when they are engaging with customers, or identify your organisation when using internet APIs. With a corporate Identity Agent acting as your online representative, every incoming request for identity information must meet your rules, allowing you to make informed decisions about who you will authorise to access your identity data, and under which circumstances.

Identity Agents can be integrated with your existing IT systems to provide identity information on your products, vehicles, deliveries, etc. Because Identity Agents work with a two-way exchange of identity information, you can restrict information to the right recipient, for example only releasing identity information to the recipient of a delivery, or to the organisation on your staff's itinerary.

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